Pregnancy Announcements After Loss

If you’re anything like me, you’re pretty active on social media. I do the scrolling, liking/loving, and connecting with familiar faces mainly via Facebook and Instagram. That definitely comes with its drawbacks of comparison, assumptions, judgements, and stereotyping (all things that could have a positive or negative perspective). I know that in my age group, which is the majority of my social media connections, everyone is getting married and growing their families. The pregnancy announcements have gotten the best of me on several occasions after my pregnancy loss.


40 Weeks

I don’t often find myself avoiding and procrastinating on doing things I love most. In this case, I mean writing. However, it has taken me nearly 2 weeks to get up the courage and face reality on this one, and I think that’s okay. I am beginning to accept that some situations will just be much harder than others and I won’t always deal with the hard ones head-on.


“Welcome to the World of Hormonal Changes!” -said no one ever

“TMI” and “too personal” don’t exist around here, clearly. My pregnancy loss has taught me to be open about my experiences and let you all in on it (no matter how personal or embarrassing it might be). I’ve had some friends recently that have gotten off birth control, or plan to soon, and have asked me what it’s like; what happens to your mind and body when you do make such a drastic hormonal change? I am no expert, or doctor by any means, but I can share my experience.


The Reality of Loss

Loss is something everyone faces several times in their life; loss of a relative or close friend, loss of a pet, loss of a material object(s) that had meaning of some sort or just any type of loss that has been a part of you in some way shape or form is one of the most difficult things to endure. I am not only talking loss related to death, but even loss of experience or opportunity. I’ve had to experience loss more times than I can even count in my short 27 years of life. Even with faith and positivity, I oftentimes wonder how much more loss I can possibly take.

Tiny-Footprints-Blog-8-Months- Pregnant

8 Months Pregnant

There’s nothing worse for me than a new month starting. Each time we come to a new month, it’s just a reminder about what my life would have been like if I hadn’t experienced my pregnancy loss. It brings me to a place outside of my current reality that is filled with excitement and curiosity. It’s like a rubber band snaps against my skin to bring me back to reality and remind me of the sadness and disappointment I faced. It never fails. Every. Month.


3 Inspirational Messages

It’s funny how life throws you some unique (or maybe not so unique) opportunities to change your perspective, force you to grow in your mindset, and even become more open-minded to things you never thought possible. When I say “it’s funny,” I really mean “it’s mind blowing.” Think about the last time you heard, watched, or did something that made your jaw drop. It’s because you were taken aback in one way or another, right?