A Fall Festive Cocktail: Caramel Apple Mules

Who doesn’t love a good fall cocktail?! I feel extremely blessed to have married a man who enjoys being my very own spontaneous bartender. He makes an unbelievable Moscow Mule (among other things). Last year, he started experimenting with different flavors and really trying to create seasonal mules (which I have reaped all the benefits of). We are super excited to showcase one of our favorite fall cocktails: a Caramel Apple Mule.


Post Apple Picking- Pulled Apple BBQ Chicken Sandwiches

Imagine this (if you even have to imagine): all of your family and friends are posting adorable photos of themselves apple and pumpkin picking on every social media outlet imaginable. All you want to do when you see those photos  is jump on that “basic” bandwagon and post pictures of your own! Well, when you live in the Midwest, you get some pretty gorgeous fall days- leaves are changing into various shades of reds, oranges, yellows, greens, and browns, the air is crisp but the sun is still warm, and really, the weekends are meant for fall festivities, right? Do yourself a favor, take advice from the girl who had her first apple picking experience at the age of 26, and JUMP ON THAT BANDWAGON! It truly is a whole lot of fun.