Why TTC Quickly Becomes Stressful

All of us know how babies are made, and know that the basic process is quite opposite of a stressful experience. In my eyes, it should be simple and easy. Growing up, I remember taking health classes and sex education classes beginning in 5th grade. When you’re taught that your body is naturally made to conceive, you don’t need to take the time or do the research to really understand every process your body goes through to do so…unless conception becomes a struggle, of course.


Pregnancy Loss & Marriage

It’s unnatural to think bad things will happen to you, right? I always looked around at my family and friends who have had smooth, healthy pregnancies and babies (even unplanned), and I never once had a slight fear that my journey wouldn’t be as easy as theirs. Enduring pregnancy loss is extremely damaging; it’s damaging physically, emotionally, and mentally. However, there is one thing that this experience didn’t damage, but only strengthened.


Obsession Confession: Throw Blankets

I can’t possibly be the only person who has an obsession with throw blankets, right? I mean, I can’t feel relaxed and cozy while sitting on the couch without a throw blanket, especially during the fall and winter months here in Illinois. It’s just not natural. Maybe it’s a “midwest suburban” thing? I don’t know, but I love it and I will continue to embrace this obsession-as will my dog! Who’s with me?!


The Internal Struggle Post-Pregnancy Loss

Have you ever felt like you have a target or a “kick me” sign attached to you? I’ve never felt more different or targeted in my life than after having been through a pregnancy loss. You don’t have to tell me that I’m similar to so many other women; you don’t have to tell me that I’m NOT being targeted, because I know this. I am in my head- those thoughts drive my true feelings and the only thing I can do is feel my own feelings, you know? In order for me to “help” the situation, I just have to go through the motions and deal with it as it comes. That’s my exact problem, though, dealing with it when it comes.


The Struggle is Real, so Can You Not?!

“So, when are you planning on having kids?”

As a newlywed, you nearly become numb to this question. It’s totally normal. People are excited that you are now married and expect you to be just as excited as them to move to the next step-making babies! The question comes from such a great, excited, loving place from people. Trust me, I am even MORE excited to make babies of my own than the person asking me, but it’s just not that easy for some and this question can be tough to hear when you’re facing TTC struggles or pregnancy loss. I must say, I’d rather get this question twenty times each day than to hear other comments about TTC.