My Amniocentesis Experience

The day I  turned 16 weeks (May 23rd), I woke up with sweaty palms and a racing heart. My anxiety was real and the thought of the risk factors involved in an amnio weighed heavily on my mind. Kyle and I made it to our appointment and spoke once again with the genetic counselor about the procedure, risk factors, and what would come after. We signed some papers and then got prepped for the procedure.


An Unexpected Diagnosis

Since the very moment we began our TTC journey, we have been on the edge of our seats; really becoming good at playing these “waiting games.” After the results came back, we were just feeling so hopeful and relieved knowing that the most severe scenarios had been ruled out by the genetic screener. Unfortunately, Kyle and I seemed to be the only ones on the planet feeling confident about those results.


What Do Lemons, Pickle Relish, and Milk Have in Common?

Lemons, pickle relish, and milk make up the foundation of Baby K. But, seriously. I get asked all the time about pregnancy cravings; if pregnancy cravings are real, if I have any funny cravings, and if my cravings have changed. This is one of my favorite pregnancy topics to read and talk about because it always gives me a good laugh and brings out some incredible facial expressions from everyone involved in the conversation.

Morning Sickness in all its Glory

I want to take you all back to health class in your teenage years and just think about everything you learned about sex, reproducing, and your body. My memories are very minimal, and by that I mean very little factual information about how the body works, stuck with me (was it even presented?). My memory includes the life lesson: NEVER HAVE SEX BECAUSE YOU’LL FOR SURE GET PREGNANT! Anyone else? We, as teenagers, were paranoid (probably a good thing), but didn’t know the slightest bit about everything that goes in to getting pregnant. Health education (relating to reproduction) was quite misleading, similarly to the phrase morning sickness.


Weeks 4-6

Just as I’ve said plenty of times before about conceiving a child, no tells you all the things you should really know about TTC before you embark on the adventure and the very same goes for pregnancy. Some people love surprises. I’m not one of those people. I like to know. I like to plan. I like to have realistic expectations. You know? Well, my first trimester was one heck of a learning experience, that’s for sure.

A New Journey

Hello world! I am back to the blogging game (after a quick break due to health reasons you will all know more about VERY soon). I wanted to share a journal entry that I have been DYING to post on my blog for nearly 4 months now. Yes, I’ve been holding out on y’all for 4 months, but for a reason that you will also find out shortly…so here it goes…


Pregnancy Announcements After Loss

If you’re anything like me, you’re pretty active on social media. I do the scrolling, liking/loving, and connecting with familiar faces mainly via Facebook and Instagram. That definitely comes with its drawbacks of comparison, assumptions, judgements, and stereotyping (all things that could have a positive or negative perspective). I know that in my age group, which is the majority of my social media connections, everyone is getting married and growing their families. The pregnancy announcements have gotten the best of me on several occasions after my pregnancy loss.