Mother’s Day: Going Through the Motions of TTC, Loss & Gaining the Title of “Mom”

If you’ve been following my journey, then you know that I have had to climb several mountains to celebrate a Mother’s Day with my baby in my arms and before my eyes. But as I sit here and reflect on what my “first” Mother’s Day means to me, I can’t help but take myself back to last year, and the year before that and think of all the women in the world who are currently feeling those feelings that I once felt.


Hospital Bag Must-Haves

Packing your hospital bag for a labor and delivery experience can initially seem overwhelming and simply scary. All of those feelings are totally normal…at least they were for me. I promise you, if you don’t pack a bag for whatever reason, you will be just fine. However, if you try to be 10 steps ahead like me, there are some essential items I would recommend packing. I’ve compiled a list to take some of those scary and overwhelming feelings away from you as you prepare for your new arrival!

Ohhhh Baby Names…

As a little girl, I did all the girly things you could imagine: played Barbies, dress-up, had tea parties with my stuffed animals, and most days consisted of my best friend and I playing “house.” Well, naturally when you play those things, you choose names. You choose names for your baby dolls, your stuffed animals, your Barbies, and even yourself at times. I always had my go-to, favorite names that I would use over and over and just imagined that one day those names would be the names of my actual children. Boy, was I wrong.


The Dreaded Glucose Test

I always remembered my friends and family members talking about having to do their glucose test, but it was never a big deal. After all the testing we have been through, I really didn’t think much of this test, but wanted to make sure I followed all the rules to get it done and over with. The only thing I had in the back of my mind was how much sugar I actually consume in my day, especially during this pregnancy. Let’s just say this little girl is going to be extra sweet 😉


My Journey to Excitement

As much as I preach about staying positive and hopeful, well…because I truly believe that’s what makes difficult circumstances more manageable, I don’t want y’all to think that I am always bubbly, positive, and hopeful. It’s just not reality. I’ve had some pretty dark moments through all of the waiting and bad news we kept getting from doctors and test results prior to our amnio and echo.