About Me

Hi all! My name is Angie Kniss and I am your typical Midwest-Suburban wife. I have been lucky enough to call an incredible man, Kyle, my husband since July 16, 2016. We live a stereotypical suburban life in Wheaton, Illinois with our dog (my baby), Max.

I am obsessed with animals (especially my dog), laugh at my own jokes, and love to write under so many circumstances. I am a Reading Specialist in a high-needs district and feel so incredibly blessed to have the opportunities to inspire and influence the students that I teach-they have truly changed my way of thinking about life and have made me a much better person. I enjoy finding great deals, traveling when I can, and sharing everything I love.

About My Blog

Post-Marriage life has inspired this blog, among other things. I am a fan of being as realistic and open as possible. I hope to inspire anyone and everyone who comes across this blog in some way or another.

My husband and I endured the loss of our first child in July of 2017-just one year after our wedding. Every time things seem to go “not-so-well” in my life, I turn to writing.

Tiny Footprints was initially inspired by a necklace my father gifted to me after the loss of my first baby in July 2017. The necklace has a tiny footprint accompanied by an angel wing. It ignited my passion for writing that I had lost over the years, which lead to my lifestyle blog. Writing is my outlet, and inspiring others is my passion. This blog will be a “happy place” for many; although everything I write about won’t be “happy,” it will be true. Follow my Tiny Footprints on this journey through post-marriage life: the good, the bad, and everything in between.