Hello 30 Weeks!

We have made it to 30 weeks! Sometimes I have to pinch myself to even believe it’s true. Venturing into the 3rd trimester has been fun and so many things have happened with the growth and development of Baby K (and my belly for that matter).

Tiny-Footprints-Blog-30-WeeksSo, I’m sure you’re all wondering what the heck has been going on with Baby K and all the chaos, right?! Well, after our first fetal echocardiogram 11 weeks ago, we have been back and forth to the MFM team every other week to have a sonogram. They alternate their focus for my appointments between scanning for hydrops and scanning for growth and development. The most important part of these appointments is making sure Baby K does not develop any hydrops, or fluid build-up in other parts of her body, especially around and near her vital organs. Since there is fluid still at the back of her neck, it is important to make sure this fluid isn’t causing more fluid elsewhere in her body.

So many people have told me, “that’s such a pain to have so many appointments!” But honestly, I feel so lucky and blessed to have so many appointments. I don’t see it as a pain  or inconvenience at all. How cool is it that I get the opportunity to see my baby every other week and watch her develop?! It’s been amazing. What makes it even more incredible is that things are looking great so far. She is developing and growing as expected and there are no signs of hydrops at this point!


I have gotten to see her eyes working, her mouth opening and closing, her tongue moving in and out of her mouth, her reaching down to grab her feet, her heart beating, her umbilical cord working, her diaphragm moving as she begins practicing her breathing, her smiling, and even a little patch of hair! Last week, we took a deeper look at her heart development with the fetal cardiologist for our second fetal echo and everything looked beautiful and perfect! The doctor even told us Baby K is essentially a “textbook fetal echo,” because of how she was positioned and just showing off her little, but strong heart! It felt so good to get more good news and some confirmation that things are looking up for our sweet girl.


Just a week prior to that, we received some awesome news. By far the best, most relieving news we have heard. Baby K’s amount of fluid has seemed to decrease significantly at the back of her neck! The doctors were really impressed, although they don’t have an explanation for it. But I will take it as a miracle! It’s not completely gone, so it’s still important for them to monitor her closely and continue my consistent appointments. But I am feeling so relieved and thankful for the team of doctors, nurses, counselors, and sonographers that I have. They have all been so amazing through this process.

Tiny-Footprints-Blog-30-WeeksAs my appointments now increase to weekly (every other week with my OBGYN and every other week in MFM), Kyle and I just plan on keeping positive and trying our very best to enjoy every moment of the rest of this pregnancy. Before we know it, she is going to be wrapped up in our arms!