The Dreaded Glucose Test

I always remembered my friends and family members talking about having to do their glucose test, but it was never a big deal. After all the testing we have been through, I really didn’t think much of this test, but wanted to make sure I followed all the rules to get it done and over with. The only thing I had in the back of my mind was how much sugar I actually consume in my day, especially during this pregnancy. Let’s just say this little girl is going to be extra sweet 😉

My glucose test was scheduled at 28 weeks and 5 days. My doctor’s office provided me this neon-orange drink to take with me and drink prior to my appointment. I was advised to eat my normal diet, but do a small, informal “fast” about 3 hours before. They really just didn’t want me eating a meal too close to drinking this lovely juice. I left work at my usual time and drank this juice. The goal was to get it down in less than 10 minutes. I did it. I felt successful. And honestly, I didn’t mind the taste. It tastes like an orange freezer pop. The only issue was that it was like eating 50 melted orange freezer pops in 10 minutes. HOLY SUGAR HIGH…and sugar crash later on.


I got into my doctor’s office and did the usual vitals, listened to Baby K’s heartbeat, chatted with the doctor, then got my blood drawn exactly 1 hour after I finished my drink. It truly was quick and painless.

The next day I got the call letting me know what I should have expected…I failed. I had to just laugh it off and blame it on all the donuts, fruit, and candy I have been craving this pregnancy in order to not drown in the bad news. I was advised to call and schedule a 3 hour glucose test at the hospital.

So there I sat. My Saturday morning was spent in the hospital doing a 3 hour glucose test. I scheduled it for first thing in the morning because this test required a more formal, 8-hour fast. Ask my husband what I am like being pregnant and hungry…it’s not pretty. I figured it’s best to do the fasting while I’m sleeping so I don’t ruin anyone’s day!

When I got here, they pulled me back right away and pricked my finger to check my levels, then took a tube of blood. She then proceeded to hand me the Lemon-Lime version of this sugary drink and stare at me until I had it finished. I was told to drink it fast and in under 5 minutes. I wish I could say I used some of my beer-chugging skills from college, but I never acquired those, so I had to pretend that I had an inner-party girl in me and chug. After I downed the drink, I was given this paper (see photo below) and I thought it was quite humorous.


Do a lot of pregnant women need to be reminded to not smoke?

I also received 2 strange requests: 1. Please don’t throw up and 2. Just don’t do anything involving your mouth. Uhhhh…okay. Take that as you will. I had a few laughs about it, too.

Every hour, it was my responsibility to leave the waiting room and go get my blood drawn. It was a lot of needles and a lot of blood, but breaking it up by hour seemed to make the time go by faster. So I made it through all 4 blood draws, a finger prick, and a 3 hour waiting period. Now to wait on the results! Let’s hope for good news and no new hurdles!